East Meet West-our collab with Lucid Dream

2020, a new year, a new decade, and a fitting time to announce a new collaboration for our company. So, 2019 was an amazing first year of business for us. We were honored to work with many new clients and take on challenging assignments.

And we found out that, yes, our suspicions about the international markets were on target.

You see, when you start a business you never really know if your business plan will be reinforced (or rejected) by the marketplace until you are officially open for business.

Would our focus of helping content creators navigate cross border transactions prove correct? After a whirlwind year the answer is YES. Our focus area of Asia is on target.

And so for 2020, we've further refined our focus and area of concentration; east to west, Asian content to North America and Europe. We've expanded different types of content, but kept our Asian-centric focus. It's our through line.

Which brings me to our new collaboration. We are partnering with Lucid Dream, an Instanbul-based distributor and content creator to access even more TV, film, content and producer relationships from Asia. I'm excited for this new collaboration and the content that Lucid Dream represents.

And if you are asking why Turkey. Did you know Turkey produces and exports more content than ANY country except the US. Yep. Which is why we are focusing our intention there. (And we continue our work with content creators Sera Film Service, Turkey.)

Nilufer Kuyel and I will be at NATPE and Real Screen 2020. Check out our websites and let's set up a time to meet.

Here's to a productive 2020!


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